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K99 progress report

The independent phase institution should submit an application on behalf of the candidate for the R00 Award using the PHS Application no later than 2 months prior to the proposed activation date of the R00 Award. The R00 application must include:. When a standard submission date falls on a weekend or Federal holidaythe application deadline is automatically extended to the next business day.

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Ghostbusters 4

Sign In. Edit Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trevor Mckenna Grace Phoebe Carrie Coon Callie Sigourney Weaver Dana Barrett Bill Murray Peter Venkman Dan Aykroyd Raymond Stantz Ernie Hudson Winston Zeddmore Logan Kim Trevor's Classmate Celeste O'Connor Phoebe's Classmate Annie Potts Janine Melnitz Oliver Cooper Elton Sydney Mae Diaz Swayze Marlon Kazadi Thickneck Bokeem Woodbine Sheriff Domingo Other cast: Paul Rudd Grooberson Billy Bryk Diner Patron uncredited Bud Klasky Diner Counter Staff uncredited Artoun Nazareth Bryan Yaconelli .

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Koopman operator

A word in response to the corona virus crisis: Your print orders will be fulfilled, even in these challenging times. This book provides a broad overview of state-of-the-art research at the intersection of the Koopman operator theory and control theory. It also reviews novel theoretical results obtained and efficient numerical methods developed within the framework of Koopman operator theory. The contributions discuss the latest findings and techniques in several areas of control theory, including model predictive control, optimal control, observer design, systems identification and structural analysis of controlled systems, addressing both theoretical and numerical aspects and presenting open research directions, as well as detailed numerical schemes and data-driven methods.

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